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On-Demand Executive Career Success Program



On-Demand Career Success Program will educate you on the following:

  • Learn how to define and achieve your own personal Executive Career Success.
  • Learn the commitment and career determination required towards achieving total executive career success.
  • Learn how to successfully and effectively set and achieve career goals, in small increments.
  • Disciplines required towards managing a successful career.
  • Learn how to work effectively with executive recruiters.
  • Learn how to maximize career earnings.
  • Learn how to position yourself towards future promotions.
  • How to manage difficult managers.
  • How to become a successful, respected manager throughout your career.
  • Learn how to ensure that your management team is aware of your achievements and successes.
  • When it is time to make a career change via a new employer.
  • Ensuring you are compensated correctly and fairly based on your value  and contributions to your employer within the market place.
  • How to successfully manage and build your “Professional Reference” network.
  • Avoiding executive pitfalls at work.
  • Learn how to build your personal brand equity throughout your career.
  • And Much, Much More!

Career Publications Include 3 Products:

All the ePublications that are included with this on-demand career program will be accessible via download link that will be included in your instant email receipt after your purchase from Proactive Publishing.

  1. eBook – Executive Career Success
  2. eJournal – The Hiring Process
  3. DVD/MP3 Audio – Executive Employment Search

Book Description:
Executive Career Success – Built From the Ground Up
This publication is an excellent career resource and play book for employees, regardless of where they are currently at in their chosen career. It highlights the proven career strategies required to implement towards achieving Executive Career Success. Achieving Executive Career Success is a art, and talent, only available to those employees who are willing to pay the price of hard work, and make the commitment to succeed, regardless of the odds or obstacles they encounter in their current career status.


Executive Career Success
Built From the Ground Up

This career publication was created and written over a thirty+ year period while the author was employed within the Corporate Management Arena. The book highlights a vast array of different features and benefits of both successful and non-successful corporate executives. These multiple aforementioned personal profiles were then used to create this valuable and insightful career guide publication to assist any level candidate towards them reaching their personal executive career goals. The author has close to 40-years of corporate management experience within the consumer packaged goods industry. He knows what it takes to reach your personal executive career goals. His career wisdom and vast-decades-long corporate experience platform resonates throughout every page of this publication.

Career Strategies:    44
Page Count:           180
Word Count:     37,458

Employment Journal:
The Hiring Process – Learn How to Secure New Employment
This Employment Journal is a comprehensive publication totally focused on all aspects of the hiring process. It also includes Q’s & A’s from actual candidates who were seeking advice on what are the correct career action plans required to ensure success and becoming the #1 candidate who secures the employment offer.

Employment Journal Features

  • Ten steps to getting hired.
  • Understanding the “behind the scenes” workload of hiring managers and hiring companies.
  • Learn how you as a candidate can make the hiring decision easy for the hiring manger.
  • Maximize your knowledge base and become better prepared than other competing candidates seeking the same position.
  • And much, much, more…

Executive Employment Search – DVD/MP3 Audio:

This audio is a recorded “LIVE” Tele-Seminar Employment Search Program that assisted and help hundreds of candidates who were seeking and securing new employment at all levels. The proven strategies and career action plans included in this impactful and valuable career resource can make the different towards ensuring you are well educated with all the changes in our current and post COVID-19 employment arena.

Excellent ROI:   Your purchase of this on-demand career success program is a great investment in your future Career. If you can implement just a few of the hundreds of viable and real-world career directions highlighted in this on-demand career success program, you will have enhanced your career success. Author Patrick Franzen feels that if you can source a more viable and experienced/real-world career publications written by any other author within the employment arena than this author, Buy It!

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