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On-Demand Entrepreneurship Career Success Program



On-Demand Career Success Program will educate you on the following:

  • Learn from over 100 “Successful Entrepreneurs” from very diverse business models who have contributed greatly towards the viable content and suggestions highlighted in great detail within this publication.
  • Learn how to maximize “Personal Career Determination” towards successfully creating a Million-Dollar Business.
  • Learn how to become a “Weekend Entrepreneur.”
  • Understanding the vast array of different avenues to fund your business.
  • Learn how to create a “Turn-Key” Business Model.
  • Learn how to create an excellent and attainable business plan.
  • Learn how to expand your new business within the “correct increments” to ensure long-term success.
  • Learn the importance of not making poor decisions that affects your long-term business success.
  • The importance of totally understanding why “Product and Service” is always first.
  • Get educated on how to Secure New Customers.
  • Learn how to build a “Better Workforce.”
  • Learn how to promote your business, products, and services with no funding required.
  • Learn how to make solid and sound business decisions, consistently.
  • How to sell your business once it is successful.
  • The importance of “Knowing Your Small Business Numbers.”
  • Franchising Your Business.
  • And Much, Much More!

Career Publications Include 3 Products:

All the ePublications that are included with this on-demand career program will be accessible via download link that will be included in your instant email receipt after your purchase from Proactive Publishing.

  1. eBook – Entrepreneurship – The Millionaire Mindset
  2. eJournal – Executing a Successful Career Change
  3. DVD/MP3 Audio – Entrepreneurship – The Millionaire Mindset Audio

Book Description:
Entrepreneurship – The Millionaire Mindset
This book highlights how you can successfully build a million dollar business from the ground up. Over 100 Successful Entrepreneurs, across different industries and markets were interviewed for this publication. They shared with the author their own successful action plans that were key for them to achieve viable success within their businesses. These Entrepreneurs also shared specific lessons learned and basic cardinal rules they followed to succeed. Key is to learn from other people’s mistake, as well as understand the basic cornerstones of what works consistently within any business model. This publication also covers off all the required segments and working knowledge required towards the reader becoming a success story in the new current and post COVID-19 business arena.


Entrepreneurship – The Millionaire Mindset
How to Build a Million-Dollar Business From The Ground Up

This updated 2021 Publication will educate the Reader with the core disciplines required to ensure short and long-term success during the process of successfully starting and managing a small business of any size.  COVID-19 has created an extremely strong desire and interest by many Americans to create a small business of their own. Now is the Time. You can do it! However, first you need to get educated towards minimizing your future mistakes, and maximizing your correct decisions to ensure true career potential with your new business.

Career Strategies:    72
Page Count:          175
Word Count:     37,581

Employment Journal:
Executing a Successful Career Change
When a employee elects to make a career change at any given time throughout their working career, it is imperative that these employees correctly execute the proven strategies other successful workers have implemented to ensure their own career change success. One of the key segments covered in great detail in this career publication is that the employee must be able to successfully transfer their current skill sets and talent into another field or industry. Having transferable skill sets when making a career change is vital to ensuring success.

Employment Journal Features

  • Learn the Key Criteria’s required to execute a successful Career Change.
  • How to parlay your current talent & skill set into another successful career.
  • Knowing when to make a Career Change.
  • Learn how to change your mind set relative to employment and its rewards.
  • -Career Changes- Not for the weak of heart.
  • And much, much, more…

Entrepreneurship – The Millionaire Mindset DVD/MP3 Audio educates the reader on how they can build a million-dollar business from the ground up. This audio is full of insightful and reality based examples of what it takes to become a successful Entrepreneur for the long-haul. Over half of all small businesses fail just after five years, that is why, avoid the mistakes and pitfalls others have made to increase your chances of long-term success running your new business.

Excellent ROI:   Your purchase of this on-demand career program is a great investment in your future Career. If you can implement just a few of the hundreds of viable and real-world career directions highlighted in this on-demand career success program, you will have enhanced your career success. Author Patrick Franzen feels that if you can source a more viable and experienced/real-world career publications/DVD/MP3 Audio created by any other author within the employment arena than this author, Buy It!

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