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On-Demand Employment Search 360 Career Success Program



On-Demand Career Success Program will educate you on the following:

  • Learn how to successfully execute a new employment search from start to finish.
  • Learn how to identify the correct employers that best fits your background.
  • Learn how to effectively and successfully approach employers.
  • Learn how to maximize and manager multiple employment job boards.
  • Learn how to become the candidate who secures the employment offer based on you becoming the most prepared candidate.
  • Learn how to create an effective and successful preparation platform during your next employment search.
  • Learn the importance of the “Art of Interviewing” from a candidate who knows the correct methodology of successfully and effectively interviewing at any level.
  • Learn how to stand-out in interviews vs. other candidates.
  • Learn how to create impactful “Résumés” that become the candidate’s most important marketing document.
  • Creating impactful “Cover Letters” that get “Noticed” and leads to securing “Executive Interviews.”
  • Learn how to identify your strengths and/or weaknesses as a candidate and how to correct and/or enhance them.
  • Learn how to effectively “Negotiate a Higher Level of Salary than what was offered” with new employment offers are tabled and presented.
  • Learn how to implement a direct mail to employers and recruiters within your industry during an employment search.
  • Learn how to perform well during phone interviews.
  • How to execute a successful “Employment Search
  • And Much, Much More!

Career Publications Include 3 Products:

All the ePublications that are included with this on-demand career program will be accessible via download link that will be included in your instant email receipt after your purchase from Proactive Publishing.

  1. eBook – Employment Search 360
  2. eJournal – The Hiring Process
  3. DVD/MP3 Audio – Employment Search 360

Book Description:

 Employment Search 360 – The Insider’s Lifetime Guide to Securing Employment and Faster Career Progress.      
When an employee elects to undertake an employment search, they need to follow a proven path to success. That is what this book offers. Detailed in specific sequences, this Insider’s Lifetime Guide to Securing Employment and Faster Career Progress is at the core of this book. The author layouts in great detail, step-by-step actions plans and strategies to follow to ensure success. The author has secured employment with both Fortune 500 organizations, as well as other large CPG companies in Sales Management roles. Additionally, the author has been a corporate hiring manager for over 35 years with both Fortune 500 and Large Independent Food Manufactures throughout his career. HE has the proven knowledge to help you secure that next employment offer.


Employment Search 360                                             
The Insider’s Lifetime Guide to Securing Employment and Faster Career Progress

This publication was updated in the year 2021. This publication can greatly enhance and assist any level candidate achieve success during their next employment search. The author has secured over 10 Executive Corporate employment positions, spanning four-decades. Additionally, the author has been a corporate hiring manager for over 37 years at the corporate level. The author has a well-established success platform in the specialized field of seeking and securing new employment, consistently and successfully over the decades. This publication is the most viable and vivid career publication in print today, relative to offering proven career solutions to implement towards seeking and securing new employment at any level. The reader needs to follow career suggestions and recommendations from a viable source to ensure the   own personal career success. A source that has been in the arena, and been extremely successful at what the reader is trying to achieve.

Chapters:               23
Page Count:         284
Word Count:    73,105

Employment Journal:
The Hiring Process – Learn How to Secure New Employment
This Employment Journal is a comprehensive publication totally focused on all aspects of the hiring process. It also includes Q’s & A’s from actual candidates who were seeking advice on what are the correct career action plans required to ensure success and becoming the #1 candidate who secures the employment offer.

Employment Journal Features

  • Ten steps to getting hired.
  • Understanding the “behind the scenes” workload of hiring managers and hiring companies.
  • Learn how you as a candidate can make the hiring decision easy for the hiring manger.
  • Maximize your knowledge base and become better prepared than other competing candidates seeking the same position.
  • And much, much, more…

Employment Search 360 DVD/MP3 Audio: This audio presentation is a in-depth review of all the required strategies that candidates need to implement towards seeking and securing new employment. It highlights many of the key features and benefits highlighted in the book Employment Search 360. Additionally, this audio will top-line many of the key strategies that today’s candidates need to implement towards their own towards career success.

Excellent ROI:   Your purchase of this on-demand career success program is a great investment in your future Career. If you can implement just a few of the hundreds of viable and real-world career directions highlighted in this on-demand career success program, you will have enhanced your career success. Author Patrick Franzen feels that if you can source a more viable and experienced/real-world career publications/DVD/MP3 Audio created by any other author within the employment arena than this author, Buy It!

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